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TESTIMONIAL: Success Amidst Challenges

Summit Ridge Capital worked with April Harbottle to facilitate the addition of a new business into our growing portfolio. April was engaged by the Sellers of the business, but worked closely with us as well, to understand and resolve many of the challenges that arose and we eventually achieved a win-win outcome for all.

Given the competitive situation and differing priorities of the three owner-operators, we needed to create an offer and structure that met all needs, and differentiated and exceeded the competing offer. April’s input over several months helped to create an offer that successfully won over the Seller’s interest to engage.

Due diligence commenced in March 2020, right as the Covid pandemic and lockdowns started, which created a higher level of stress and uncertainty. Throughout the process, we encountered issues relating to minority shareholder demands, a lawsuit potentially affecting staffing, and some reluctance from the Sellers. 

April worked closely with Summit Ridge Capital and the Sellers to find solutions to many of these issues. We ultimately closed the transaction, albeit several months later than planned (Fall 2020).

Scott Nishi, Partner
Summit Ridge Capital