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Current Market Update

Businesses that operated successfully during the COVID-19 shutdowns have experienced the best stress test possible and are considered ideal acquisition targets going forward. 

Successful operation throughout the 2020 lockdowns is a testament to the industry and management of these businesses and is certainly something to be applauded.     

Essential businesses that survived through the lockdowns will be an area of interest for many Buyers going forward as economic uncertainties continue.    

Some key industries that have emerged as growth leaders from the lockdown are:

  • Food/agriculture, 
  • Distribution
  • Personal care
  • Health care
  • Seniors services

Some surprising industry growth areas include:

  • Security – all forms including personal security and cyber security
  • Cocooning services – home beautification & enjoyment

I know from personal experience that the demand for home renovations has skyrocketed and the price of lumber doubled last summer in three months. I’ve also been told that orders for new pool installations are being booked two years out.

Lastly, getting any dog is not easy during a pandemic, but fortunately, I finally got mine!!