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Transition Architects supports business owners determine and implement transition strategies to maximize value and buyer attractiveness so that your business is Ready to Exit when You Are !!

Due to owner dependencies, it is often difficult for small or mid-sized business owners to sell their businesses fully and just walk away.

If this is the case, Transition Architects can use a number of creative approaches to support the owner transition over a longer time period.

These approaches often evaluate the potential for deferred buyouts, hire your buyer &/ or reducing partnerships.

Key Outcomes from Engaging Transition Architects:

  • An indicative current “Value” of your business, allowing for an alignment of company value to personal needs & expectations.
  • Identification of areas which could maximize the attractiveness & value of your business, often reducing time to sale.
  • A review of the transition options available to you and recommendation of the likely optimal approach.
  • A summary Profile outlining your company’s strengths, allowing promotion of your company’s availability in a confidential manner.
  • Creation of a living Will or “Playbook” for ownership change, in the event an unexpected emergency happens.

Ready to Unlock the Value of your Business

Transitioning your business to the next owner when profitable and thriving will maximize your return on your lifelong investment and increase its attractiveness to new buyers. Make sure this very important asset is transferred to the care and control of new leadership while still operating successfully.

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How We do it:

Transition Architects’ starts its assessment with a review of your financial statements and discussions with the owner regarding the “true” profitability of your business, historical results and future potential opportunities or threats to the business. This information is analyzed to provide you with a financial summary of the company’s performance, and an anticipated value range for the business currently as viewed by a “buyer”.

This assessment is discussed with the owner to determine if anticipated proceeds are in line with their expectations and/or needs.

This step is completed for a one-time flat-fee and will provide the owner with critical information to start planning for his/her transition.

If anticipated value is sufficient, then Transition Architects can be retained to help you position your company for sale and determine the right way to source potential buyers.

If value is insufficient, other options will be reviewed to help you achieve your goals.


“Helping Businesses Thrive Through Transition”

Ready to Unlock the Value of Your Business

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