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Founded to support small and medium sized (SME) business owners assess, prepare and thrive through transition. 

“Ensure Your Company is Exit Ready When You Are”

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Transition Architects supports business owners determine and implement transition strategies to maximize company value and buyer attractiveness.

April & the team are Transition specialists, multi-disciplinary and transformative Architects helping owners develop creative solutions to allow them to transition and “Unlock the Value of their Businesses”.

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Business owners often dream of leaving a legacy for family to continue for them. If done well, this is a very rewarding outcome for decades of hard-work and grit!

However ensuring that your successors have the right skills and knowledge to continue to operate your business successfully as you transition out is key. And often your comfortable retirement depends on it!

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When your business is ready to “Go to Market”, the team of experienced M & A Intermediaries will utilize their networks and tools to promote your business to potential buyers.

Identifying the "Right" buyer and negotiating and structuring a deal which allows you to maximize proceeds and after-tax value, while also mitigating risk to the buyer are the keys to closing a successful sale!

Why Choose


Market Knowledge

Our team works directly with buyers regularly and understands what the "Market" is looking for in terms of business attractiveness and value.

This insight is shared with our sellers to position their businesses to the best advantage!

Deep Experience

Transition Architects is a team of finance professionals with extensive experience in Mergers & Acquisitions, commercial banking, deal structuring & business improvements.

These skills are available to support all business owners evaluate and prepare their company to transition ownership and leadership to a new owner

Affordable and Accessible

We offer streamlined, automated solutions; customized to business size and complexity. This allows us to provide services to the owners of any size or type of business at reasonable rates and fees.


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“Helping Businesses Thrive Through Transition”

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