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When your company is well positioned and ready to show to buyers,   the Transition Architect team can list your business through a number of business for sale networks to find and attract the right buyer.

Depending on your business size, industry and geography, finding the right buyer – one that has the financial ability, interest and capability to purchase your business- can be a difficult and time-consuming activity.

Using a professional that uses specialized tools and technology is critical to a successful outcome.

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Hitting the Bulls-eye

April is an experienced M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) Advisor & Business Intermediary and will promote your business through  the available channels to help you find that “elusive” buyer.

Potential buyers must be vetted for capability, commitment and financial ability before entering into a transaction.   Negotiations to obtain the best deal are critical and multi-layered, as final sale price, structure, timing are all considered for your best after-tax outcome.

Working towards a win-win outcome will ensure a better likelihood of a successful deal close.  Setting the stage for the continued success of your business will benefit all parties: the seller, the buyer and the employees!

Experience and expertise are key components to “hitting the bulls-eye” and accomplishing your goals of a successful sale & ownership transfer.

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Transitioning your business to the next owner while profitable and efficient will maximize your return on your lifelong investment and increase its attractiveness to new buyers.

Don’t delay. Reach out to Transition Architects and let’s get started today!

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How We do it:

Once your company is prepared to “Go to Market”, a Confidential Investment Memorandum (CIM) will be prepared to share with interested buyers, ensuring the confidentiality of your plans.

Transition Architects will act as your intermediary, vetting buyers, answering many of their questions and facilitating negotiations to an agreeable transaction for both buyer and seller.  

Negotiating a win-win outcome is in the best interests of all parties and the company’s future success.    Our expert support will save you time and increase your likelihood of success! 

“Helping Businesses Thrive Through Transition”

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