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Ensure Your Company Is EXIT READY When You Are

Business owners often are so busy working IN their businesses that they haven’t had the opportunity to “work ON their business” and need support to figure out the Right Exit Strategy.

Your business is likely one of your most valuable assets and maximizing your after-tax proceeds from its sale is critical to your future. Selling a business is a complicated process and most owners do not have the expertise to complete it successfully on their own.

Transition Architects helps guide you through the complexities of determining the right approach, maximizing the after-tax value you receive and increasing your company’s attractiveness to buyers by ensuring it is staged well !!

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April Harbottle


April Harbottle is an experienced finance professional engaged in helping company owners determine and implement transition strategies to maximize value and buyer attractiveness.

After an extensive career in banking, technology (Scotiabank, Canadian Western Bank, Rogers) & Mergers & Acquisitions, she founded Transition Architects to support business owners assess and prepare their companies for transition and Ensure their Companies were Exit Ready when they Were.

She is a Transition specialist, a multi-disciplinary and transformative Architect helping owners develop creative solutions which will allow them to transition and “Unlock the Value of their Businesses” through combinations of sale, partnerships, deferred buyouts or other strategies.

April works as an Mergers and Acquisitions Intermediary or Business Broker when companies are ready to “Go to Market”, seeing first- hand what buyers & investors are looking for. She shares this market knowledge as an advisor to owners assessing their businesses and preparing for transition.

“Helping Businesses Thrive Through Transition”


Michael Paterson

Transition Architect

Michael has spent the last decade as a M&A professional. Michael earned an MBA at Dalhousie University and an MA at the University of Guelph with a focus on finance and investment policy, respectively.

Ryan ??


Ryan has spent his life in either owning or advising to small business.  He is a seasoned analyst with a passion for helping business owners be successful.!

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