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The Transition Architects team can work with Buyers to locate new acquisition opportunities.

Details of the purchase criteria such as industry, size and geography will be well understood before a search commences.

Benefits of using Transition Architects are:

  • Assistance in identifying suitable business opportunities for acquisition
  • Outreach to target businesses by a neutral party to maintain your confidentiality
  • Intermediary services to ensure both parties goals are met and the transaction provides a win-win outcome and best chance of continued success.

An exclusive search can be completed for a monthly fee or we can retain details of your interest in our buyer repository and contact you if an appropriate opportunity is identified.


What We do

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Transition Architects supports business owners determine and implement transition strategies to maximize value and buyer attractiveness.

April & the team are Transition specialists, multi-disciplinary and transformative Architects helping owners develop creative solutions to allow them to transition and “Unlock the Value of their Businesses”.

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Business owners often dream of leaving a legacy for family to continue for them. If done well, this is a very rewarding outcome of decades of grit and hard-work!

However ensuring that your successors have the right skills to continue as you transition out is key. And often your comfortable retirement depends on it!

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April continues to also work as a Business Broker/ Sales Agent when companies are ready to “Go to Market”.

Supporting the search for the "Right" buyer and then helping to negotiate a deal which will allow the seller to maximize proceeds and after-tax value, while also mitigating risk to the buyer!

Ready To take Action

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Ready To Buy a Business

Engaging Transition Architects early will ensure that your investment targets are considered when new opportunities are identified.
Please complete the intake form to schedule your complementary 30 minute review and discussion.

Ready To Start Looking for a New Business Opportunity?

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