New Opportunity: Custom Glassware Designing and Printing

A seasoned entrepreneur is retiring and selling his niche, custom manufacturing business that specializes in the printing and supply of custom glassware. This unique company offers their blue-chip customers bespoke glassware, as essential point of sale merchandising of their beverage. Using their glass expertise and printing techniques, the company brings customized glassware solutions that leverage their client’s brand image, while enhancing the end consumer’s taste and sensory experience of the beverage.

This company has an impressive customer base of large and craft brewers, with solid upside opportunities to expand the business in the beer sector, the wine and spirit glass segments, or diversify into other printed glassware sectors.

Seven years ago, the entrepreneur made a substantial investment in technology and reorganized their production process. The strategy was designed to implement automated production, enhance customer service, and improve profit and EBITDA margins. This strategy included building a strong customer service culture, improving sales, building well-organized production processes, which now excels at quality and cost-efficient finished products.

The production equipment, which has significant value, provides high quality, automated production and has substantial capacity for further growth.

The company has an excellent reputation with customers for quality, service and working collaboratively at all levels. Employees are long tenured, highly qualified, technical savvy, service oriented, experienced and have additional capacity to accommodate further growth.

This opportunity would be an excellent fit for a strategic purchaser, or a vertical integration to acquire blue-chip customer base and/or to expand or enhance other marketing initiatives.  

The existing entrepreneur is prepared to support a new owner through a reasonable transition period. The entrepreneur also owns the company’s premises in a related company.  The building can be purchased or leased. Normalized EBITDA is reduced by $150,000 to reflect the hiring of a new general manager to replace the owner. Financial Projections will be available to prequalified buyers.

Result Highlights (in ‘000’s)   

 YE Oct 31201820192020202120222023
Sales Growth-2%-17%-30%17%15%17%
Gross Profit$1,146$1,134$854$1,032$1,397$1,394
Net Income$5$41$27$122$382$365
Normalized EBITDA$91$133$45$138$379$360

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