New Opportunity: Corporate Insurance – Psychological Services Company

Now available for acquisition is a psychological services company providing complex, multi-disciplinary assessment and treatments that integrate medical, psychological, and behavioural sciences.   The approach has been embraced by many major insurance providers, which are their clients.  

The company transitioned to a fully remote business model several years ago (during shutdowns), which enabled them to extend their operations nationally. This pivot greatly expanded its market presence to service clients & its ability to recruit skilled clinicians, both of which have enhanced its financial performance. Their strategy included a commitment to hire, train, and retain new clinicians on a full-time employment basis, to ensure proprietary skills were acquired and applied, ensuring consistency of approach and predictability for both the clinicians and clients.    

They offer a comprehensive range of tailored services to address patients’ specific needs, from short-term early intervention services to complex multidisciplinary assessments and treatments, with clear metrics to monitor progress.  

This acquisition is an ideal chance to either make an entry or expand in the healthcare service industry with a company using a proprietary framework integrating psychotherapy and kinesiology.  Their unique approach, team of well-trained staff, coupled with strong financial results, positions the company as a frontrunner in their industry, which is expanding rapidly.  

Key highlights of the business:  

  • Management team is well-established, bringing years of professional experience & oversight to the company. 
  • Low overhead costs, apart from staffing due to remote operation. 
  • Clients are insurance companies (blue-chip) providing income replacement to their claimant on disability leave.   
  • Metric driven services: our client provides concrete progress reports & measurable recovery metrics, appealing to insurance companies. 
  • Unique proprietary therapeutic support, blending psychotherapy and kinesiology.  Requires 4-6 months of specialized behavioural therapist training.  
  • Staff consists of 30+ highly trained professional clinicians with stable, long-term employment contracts.

Result Highlights (in ‘000’s) 

(‘000)   Pivot to Virtual     Projected Projected
 YE Oct 31 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Sales $2,2134 $2,476 $2,937 $3,346 $4,000 $5,000
Gross Profit $519 $524 $596 $551 $800  $1,000
GM% 24% 21% 20% 16% 20% 20%
Normalized EBITDA  $80 $125 $303 $651 $666 $866

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