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A Transition Architect can make a Big Difference

I’m thankful for meeting April Harbottle, founder of Transition Architects, to help me with the transition & sale of our family business. 

Shortly after my husband passed, I tried to negotiate a Management Buyout with senior staff and the support of other personal advisors but this approach eventually fell apart due primarily to inadequate oversight. Then we engaged a Business Broker to promote our business but several unexpected circumstances negatively impacted business results, and buyers became nervous. The broker was unsuccessful at selling the company & eventually gave up. 

April stuck with us as a Transition Advisor and searched for alternate options to create a strategy which would attract the right buyer. She created an approach that allowed the buyer to mitigate their risks, by a reduced up-front price and provide for most of the compensation based on future results once confirmed. This strategy & her perseverance to work with a strategic buyer & find ways to overcome their concerns, ultimately allowed us to successfully transition business ownership to them.   

I am so grateful to have found a solution that provides our family legacy to continue, maintain employment for our committed employees, and allow our clients to move to a new and expanded business that we expect to grow and thrive into the future. 

I know most brokers would not have continued to support us, as they are generally looking for a quick fee and our situation required a longer term approach and creativity. Thanks to April and the Transition Architects team for finding a unique solution for a win-win outcome for all!

Satisfied Seller, Sept 2021