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TESTIMONIAL: Staying focused on the End Goal through Challenges!

I worked with April & Transition Architects for 1.5 years. At the time I was trying to determine my Exit strategy and decide on a succession or selling my business.  April walked me through the pros & cons of each and gave me confidence that I was taking the right approach to look for an outside buyer.   

She was aware of a potential buyer right away;  a group within her network that had approached her earlier looking for a business like ours.  April negotiated a favourable sale price & structure on our behalf and we moved forward with due diligence, but unfortunately the pandemic and lockdowns hit and the deal eventually fell apart. Her continued support was instrumental in staying positive and ultimately moving forward with another opportunity.    

It was a bumpy ride through 2020 but we stayed focused on the end goal and it feels great to have now successfully firmed up and commenced my company sale and exit strategy.  I am pleased to continue supporting the new owners for the next couple of years with the transition and growth planned and really enjoy handing off the other stresses of business ownership to them!!

Satisfied Client, June 2021