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Business Strategic Search Success

I was approached by a well-known buyer recently to see if I was aware of any businesses for sale in a specific skilled trade sector. Throughout my network, I was aware of a mature business owner that was trying to determine the appropriate transition option for him but had not formally committed to listing his business for sale. The owner was interested in exploring a potential sale opportunity and needed to determine the company value, after tax proceeds to him for retirement planning and other ownership hurdles with ex-partners, as well as determining how best to satisfy his sons succession desires. Transition Architects completed a financial analysis to determine company value for the owner and then prepared a fact sheet with financial information and key business details to share confidentially with the potential buyer. The buyer was very interested and found this opportunity to be an excellent fit for their company growth plans. As they were a strategic buyer, purchase price was easily met and a minority interest has been held by the seller to potentially share or gift to his son to provide him some succession. All parties are very happy with the ease and smoothness of this transaction, even with the uncertainty of a pandemic throughout due diligence. Champagne bottles will be popping shortly!