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The Dog Days of Summer

The summer season often brings with it a noticeable slowdown in business and market activity as people take vacations and …

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Unsolicited Offers

Many business owners are very excited to receive an unsolicited offer, often from a competitor, supplier or employees.   In theory …

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Fight, flight, or freeze

Recession or no recession? Interest rate increases? Bank failures? Delivery challenges and increased supply prices?  Global tensions, energy concerns… There …

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2023- A Tsunami of Business Exits Predicted!

Expectations for 2023: According to the CFIB Jan 10, 2023, 75% of all small and mid-market business owners are currently …

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M&A Club Presentation: Closing the Gap& Market Update

November 2022 M&A Club Presentation

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New Opportunity: Compressed Air & Vacuum Distributor and Service

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a company that has been a leading Compressed Air and Industrial Vacuum …

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Why deals don’t close

After years working in M&A, it should be noted that in the Small Business sector (we define it as businesses under $10 million in sales), there has

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Current Market Update

Businesses that operated successfully during the COVID-19 shutdowns have experienced the best stress test possible and are considered ideal acquisition targets going forward.  Successful operation

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