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Two Stage Buyouts – Reduce Risk and Increase Value

Changes in your life, the economy or now, even a pandemic, can dictate when you sell your business. In this …

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TESTIMONIAL: Staying focused on the End Goal through Challenges!

I worked with April & Transition Architects for 1.5 years. At the time I was trying to determine my Exit strategy …

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New Acquisition Opportunity – Successful Concrete Construction Business

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a Commercial concrete company located in the Halton/Hamilton area which is poised for …

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Plan To Unlock Your Business Value!

Your business is likely one of your most valuable assets, but it is also an illiquid one. It will take …

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Why deals don’t close

After years working in M&A, it should be noted that in the Small Business sector (we define it as businesses under …

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Current Market Update

Businesses that operated successfully during the COVID-19 shutdowns have experienced the best stress test possible and are considered ideal acquisition …

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Succession Plans Change

We were engaged by the husband & wife owners of a family company that had been expecting their adult son to take over the business within a few years. He had been born into the business and had been trained by his father for many years. Unfortunately, the son met and married a new partner

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Cash transactions

I worked with a company a few years ago that did not declare most of their cash transactions. This allowed for some tax relief upfront but when the business was listed for sale, despite many interested buyers, no one would pay the “true” value that the owner requested, as financial results and profitability were understated

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