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Vlog #2: M&A Market Trends

Activity in the M&A market has been very strong post COVID due to pent-up demand and significant sidelined capital needing …

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Unlocking the Value of Private Businesses: Vlog #1

Turn your privately owned business into money! When you are ready to exit your business or transition to a new …

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Due Diligence: Results vs. emotions

We spend a lot of time with owner operators helping them plan their transition strategies. There is often a strong …

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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Business?

The easy answer? When you don’t need to! Many owners don’t consider selling their businesses when everything is running fantastic …

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NEW OPPORTUNITY: Niche Photo Services, Vintage Camera & Accessories Retailer Business for Acquisition

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a 60 year Photographic Services and Vintage Camera Retailer in the Halton/Hamilton area. …

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2022 is transition time!

Are you exhausted? Frustrated? Many of us are right now with the COVID-19 off-and-on life and its need for constant …

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Why deals don’t close

After years working in M&A, it should be noted that in the Small Business sector (we define it as businesses under $10 million in sales), there has been an almost equal number of deals that don’t close, as successful sales and ownership transitions.    SME owners are often personally attached to their business and can lose sight of their end

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Current Market Update

Businesses that operated successfully during the COVID-19 shutdowns have experienced the best stress test possible and are considered ideal acquisition targets going forward.  Successful operation throughout the 2020 lockdowns is a testament to the industry and management of these businesses and is certainly something to be applauded.      Essential businesses that survived through the lockdowns will

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TESTIMONIAL: Success Amidst Challenges

Summit Ridge Capital worked with April Harbottle to facilitate the addition of a new business into our growing portfolio. April was engaged by the Sellers of the business, but worked closely with us as well, to understand and resolve many of the challenges that arose and we eventually achieved a win-win outcome for all. Given

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Transition Architects Update

Transition Architects has rebranded and realigned with new partners & associates and is now positioned to expand their services helping business owners determine and implement their transition strategies!   Transition Architects has also partnered with Blair Blanchard Stapleton Limited (BBS), a premier commercial real estate brokerage firm centered in Hamilton, for clients that are ready to “Go

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Business Strategic Search Success

I was approached by a well-known buyer recently to see if I was aware of any businesses for sale in a specific skilled trade sector. Throughout my network, I was aware of a mature business owner that was trying to determine the appropriate transition option for him but had not formally committed to listing his

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