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Vlog #2: M&A Market Trends

Activity in the M&A market has been very strong post COVID due to pent-up demand and significant sidelined capital needing …

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Unlocking the Value of Private Businesses: Vlog #1

Turn your privately owned business into money! When you are ready to exit your business or transition to a new …

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Due Diligence: Results vs. emotions

We spend a lot of time with owner operators helping them plan their transition strategies. There is often a strong …

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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Business?

The easy answer? When you don’t need to! Many owners don’t consider selling their businesses when everything is running fantastic …

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NEW OPPORTUNITY: Niche Photo Services, Vintage Camera & Accessories Retailer Business for Acquisition

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a 60 year Photographic Services and Vintage Camera Retailer in the Halton/Hamilton area. …

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2022 is transition time!

Are you exhausted? Frustrated? Many of us are right now with the COVID-19 off-and-on life and its need for constant …

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A Transition Architect can make a Big Difference

I’m thankful for meeting April Harbottle, founder of Transition Architects, to help me with the transition & sale of our family business.  Shortly after my husband passed, I tried to negotiate a Management Buyout with senior staff and the support of other personal advisors but this approach eventually fell apart due primarily to inadequate oversight. Then

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Successful construction and industrial safety firm for acquisition

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a Construction & Industrial Safety business located in the GTA area.  This established business has an excellent and diverse client base, with projects mostly in the construction industry and locations mainly in GTA and Southern Ontario (and ready to expand).  This full-service safety firm has three core

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Two Stage Buyouts – Reduce Risk and Increase Value

Changes in your life, the economy or now, even a pandemic, can dictate when you sell your business. In this client planning focus, the owner’s family situation dictated the timing of the sale. We received a call from a client who said, “I have to sell my business now!” We’d heard this from them before,

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New Acquisition Opportunity – Successful Concrete Construction Business

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a Commercial concrete company located in the Halton/Hamilton area which is poised for exponential growth & success.   This business was created by an experienced concrete professional and has established relationships in the commercial construction industry. Due to the ongoing high demand, they are currently turning business away, as the owner

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Plan To Unlock Your Business Value!

Your business is likely one of your most valuable assets, but it is also an illiquid one. It will take time to unlock its value and convert it to cash or an asset that you can invest or spend. Preparation and planning ahead are important, so that you are satisfied with the sale price and

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