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2023- A Tsunami of Business Exits Predicted!

Expectations for 2023: According to the CFIB Jan 10, 2023, 75% of all small and mid-market business owners are currently …

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M&A Club Presentation: Closing the Gap& Market Update

November 2022 M&A Club Presentation

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new opportunity: compressed air & vacuum distributor and service

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a company that has been a leading Compressed Air and Industrial Vacuum …

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New opportunity: Successful Pool & Spa Retail Service

A unique opportunity is now available to purchase a 22-year-old pool and spa retail, service, and distribution business in SW …

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Tips Before you sell: Real Estate

I’ve been working with a number of clients recently that own the real estate used by the business. These specific …

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Vlog #2: M&A Market Trends

Activity in the M&A market has been very strong post COVID due to pent-up demand and significant sidelined capital needing …

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Due Diligence: Results vs. emotions

We spend a lot of time with owner operators helping them plan their transition strategies. There is often a strong emotional connection for a business from the owner that has built the business from scratch and devoted many hours – possibly decades – of their life to making it grow.    When a buyer gets involved

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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Business?

The easy answer? When you don’t need to! Many owners don’t consider selling their businesses when everything is running fantastic because that’s when all the hard work is starting to pay off, but this is the exact same reason why your business will be most attractive to a potential buyer. Business sale prices are dynamic

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2022 is transition time!

Are you exhausted? Frustrated? Many of us are right now with the COVID-19 off-and-on life and its need for constant change and adaptation. But you may be holding your business back. Many businesses suffer from the exhaustion and/or stagnation of its founder(s), which often results in a plateauing and eventual decline in business results. This

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A Transition Architect can make a Big Difference

I’m thankful for meeting April Harbottle, founder of Transition Architects, to help me with the transition & sale of our family business.  Shortly after my husband passed, I tried to negotiate a Management Buyout with senior staff and the support of other personal advisors but this approach eventually fell apart due primarily to inadequate oversight. Then

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